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We are official PressurePro North American Dealers representing the finest tire pressure monitoring system built - the "Original Patented PressurePro".  If you purchased a system from Doran or are in the market for a tire pressure monitoring system to protect your investment, then contact us.  DORAN IS NO LONGER A DISTRIBUTOR HANDLING THE ORIGINAL PRESSUREPRO PRODUCT LINE, but we're available to assist you, your friends and acquaintances with any of your PressurePro needs.

Reliable Under Pressure
PressurePro™is the finest tire pressure monitoring system on the market today.  Reliable, durable, accurate, simple to install and easy to use, PressurePro represents a leap forward in TPMS technology.

No tools are necessary to install PressurePro and the system is simple to operate. A wireless, tire air pressure sensor (cap) simply screws onto the valve stem replacing the dust cap. The Monitor is powered by plugging into the lighter accessory in the vehicle and displays current tire pressure as well as alerting to low tire pressures with both a visual and audible alert. The sensors periodically read the tire pressure and transmit low and high pressure readings when they occur. When tire pressure is low/high, the monitor identifies the low/high pressure tire position with a flashing light on that location and an audible alert.

Monitor for Primary and Towed Vehicle
(RV, Auto, Light Truck, Van, SUV, Commercial Busses)

Why PressurePro?

No other system on the market today brings the reliability, durability, accuracy, ease of installation and simplicity of use that PressurePro does, all at a moderate cost. PressurePro adds greater safety for you and your vehicle by alerting to unsafe low tire pressure conditions. Compare PressurePro to any other system on the market – it’s the only system that will read up to 34 wheel positions with pressures up to 190 psi. The system works on all types of vehicles with pneumatic tires, from RV’s and large trucks to autos.

34 Wheel Monitor

SAFETY! - 60 mph, the highway is busy, traffic is heavy and moving fast, rain is beginning to fall – the last thing you want is a tire problem. You feel the vibration in the steering wheel, handling is difficult and you finally get stopped. Traffic is rushing by, and you really don’t want to get out and change a flat. It’s not only inconvenient, it’s also dangerous.

PressurePro monitors tire pressure periodically for you, providing information, which allows you to provide greater safety for yourself and the vehicle. Tires low on pressure run hot, damaging the casings and sidewalls and leading to tire problems. PressurePro alerts you to these dangerous tire conditions – allowing you valuable time to correct the problem. PressurePro, reliable under pressure.

PERFORMANCE -PressurePro periodically monitors tire pressure to assist in maximizing a vehicle's handling, braking, acceleration and tire life. The early detection of low and high tire pressures improves the possibility of repair and reduces the risk of permanent tire or wheel damage.
PressurePro is an investment in your vehicle and in your own safety and the safety of those with you. PressurePro gives you confidence in your tires performance and peace of mind while driving.
RELIABILITY - PressurePro has been designed to alert to low and high tire pressures – under all types of conditions and situations. PressurePro has been engineered for accuracy and dependability – alerting you to low and high tire pressure. Proper inflation increases tire life and fuel efficiency as well as adding greater handling, braking and safety.
We take pride in the reliability, durability and accuracy provided by PressurePro, giving you confidence when it’s most important, on the road. PressurePro provides up-to-the-minute tire pressure status detecting even the smallest changes in pressure and continues to be the easiest and simplest system to install and use on the market today.
SAVINGS Properly inflated tires use less fuel, wear longer, provide greater stability / handling and bring savings. With tires representing the only thing between your vehicle and the ground – at 60 mph – you want to know what your tires are doing to keep the investment in your vehicle safe. Properly inflated tires wear longer, saving hundreds of dollars to replace your tires because of premature wear due to low tire pressures.

The newly developed HIGH PRESSURE alert monitor (released in late September of 2007) comes pre-set from the factory at 24%, but can be adjusted by individual customers to be OFF, or alert at 10%, 15%, 19%, 24%, 28%, 33%, 40% or 45% above base pressure

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Pressure Pro System

Check out the new SPECIAL with ALL PressurePro Systems:

SPECIAL! Included with every system order:

    • Free 4-Way Valve Stem Adjuster Tool (for optional Dill Valve adjustment)
    • Free Stripped-end Hard Wire Cord (replaces cigarette lighter power cord)  


If you are interested in a Pressure Pro system, please contact us.  We can drop ship a system to you wherever you are. 
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